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ChatBot <Jiffy> application

The ChatBoot <Jiffy> application aims to add an element of innovation to the interaction of actors involved in the fight against violence (organizations, school psychologists, teachers, parents, etc.) with the source of information provided by the project. This chatbot is a complex program that can hold a conversation with a person.

Jiffy is a virtual chatbot developed as a support tool for children and adolescents who face hostile behaviors, exclusion or verbal and physical violence.

The effects of these behaviors are dangerous and can affect the health of victims.

The longer the harassment and hostile behavior lasts, the more likely it is to cause long-term damage to the victim's mental health.

Using AI-type technologies, Jiffy was prepared to launch rapid actions to identify and counter hostile behaviors before they cause serious or irreversible damage.

Jiffy was designed in a manner that allows it to indicate to the interlocutor, through direct messages, what steps he/she should take in case they are facing hostile behaviors. Jiffy`s indications depend on the type of abuse (i.e. physical, verbal, etc.)

Built as an impartial digital person with a vocabulary adapted to children, in the moment of interaction, Jiffy improves the well-being of the interlocutor and promotes positive learning experiences by coherent and concrete guidance to the necessary measures to avoid unpleasant situations caused by hostile behaviors.

Its conversational sequences are built on the structure of a friendly address but with an important information component, Jiffy is developed to equip children with whom he interacts with skills of quickly recognizing hostile behaviors and a concise range of measures to address these situations.

Jiffy is meant to provide both support and education but also to provide the necessary indications so that the interlocutor knows what he can do to trigger timely action to prevent or stop aggression and hostile behavior.

Jiffy has the ability to collect statistical data, thus providing the basis for information for upgrades to its capabilities, whenever necessary.

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