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Multiplier events


ZIVAC GROUP CENTRAL srl (project coordinator) in partnership with important companies in non-formal education in Italy (IIAPHS) and Cirpu (DIONI) and together with the Technological High School Nr. 1, Alexandria initiated the transnational project "Balance through non-violence". This project is a strategic partnership in the field of VET and funded with European funds through the Erasmus + program.

The general objective of the project is to raise awareness of the negative effects of the phenomenon of school violence and to reduce it, by training school psychologists in connection with this phenomenon.

The main objectives of the multiplication events were both the general presentation of the project and the dissemination of intellectual results along with promoting and increasing opportunities for knowledge transfer, skills development, collaborative learning and increasing interest in the training program.

The events aimed to promote the project and involve experts and other stakeholders in its implementation.

The events were prepared in advance by developing a common agenda of events, registering participants, preparing materials that were presented during the event (presentations, cards, info-graphics, etc.), but also the presentation of the Erasmus + program and its benefits.

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