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The overall objective of the project is the awareness of the negative effects of the phenomenon of violence in school and its diminution, by educating school psychologists about this phenomenon.
The specific objectives of the project are:
1.  Awareness of the phenomenon of violence for school psychologists and the causes of violence in school.
2. Ensuring techniques and methods of continuous learning for both the target group and other indirect beneficiaries that will lead to diminishing the phenomenon of violence in schools.
3. Developing the professional skills of school psychologists in relation to the phenomenon of violence.
4. Development of cognitive competences in children and adolescents in schools to understand the negative consequences of violence.  
5. Facilitating the knowledge of violent situations suffered by shy, introverted students or who are afraid to talk face to face about what is happening to them by school psychologists in an innovative way through ChatBoot - The Anti-Violent Robot.

The phenomenon of violence, discrimination and harassment in school is a theme that preoccupie the society, due to the upward curve in recent times and that's why there is a need to promote awareness of accentuated this phenomenon, in the school, where children are formed. Moral values that they promote the society, through the school and family is based along with the acquisition of knowledge, skills and training skills, contributing to the formation of the profile of a young man capable of social integration and to adapt to the new challenges. Moreover, this problem is not only of Romania, it finds itself in other forms and intensity in most of the countries of Europe.
Studies conducted by the Institute of Education Sciences, UNICEF, the National Agency for equal opportunities between men and women, World Health Organization, save the children, Brandwatch showed that Romania ranks among the top places in what regarding violence and  first  place for harassment  in schools in Europe. In the partner countries, the situation is the following: in Cyprus studies conducted by the National Observatory on Violence in Schools and the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation (CERE) and in Italy, studies conducted by Arcigay and Universita degli Studi di Sassari have shown that the phenomenon of violence is on the rise. 

Target group

Target group: school psychologists who teach in schools and represent the target group directly. The school psychologist is a specialist in educational psychology and / or psychological counseling, which investigates the psychological problems specific to the school environment, offers specialized psychological counseling in the educational field, carries out psychological research activities. The school psychologist works in the school offices of the educational institutions.
In the fight with this phenomenon it is necessary to raise awareness and involve other actors (parents, leaders, teachers), who are the indirect beneficiaries. Ensuring these relationships is also a competence of the school psychologist. There is a need for new knowledge and improved skills to meet the scale and new challenges of the phenomenon of violence in today's society, objectives of this project.

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