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International Institute of Applied Psychology and

Human Sciences - ITALY

International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences (I.I.A.P.H.S.) is a cultural and scientific association located in Italy. The aims of the association are:

1. To promote scientific research in the field of psychology, also in cooperation with scientific entities and organizations both public and private, national and international

2. Data collection and elaboration, structuring and implementation of psychological intervention and dissemination of information on applied psychology and human sciences

3. Disclosure of the methodology of scientific research, psychology and human sciences

4. To facilitate the critical knowledge and learning of applied psychology

5. To promote and organize training courses, seminars, congresses, workshops, conferences on applied psychology and human sciences;

6. To promote psychological knowledge in other professions, facilitating multidisciplinarity

7. To manage and implement European projects

In 2018, IIAPHS had over 1500 associates and worked mainly in the fields

1. Organization and implementation Training courses in applied psychology: IIAPHS has implemented in Turin, Milan, Padova and Rome the following courses: Non-verbal communication and Detection of falsehood. IIAPHS is also involved in free courses with free courses designed to disseminate Applied Psychology such as "How to use the mind to change" and "Persuasion".

2. Organization and implementation of international conferences. In 2017, we implemented the International Criminal Psychology Course with the participation of key speakers from Romania, the USA, Italy, Cameroon and Poland, with 220 participants.

3. Making a book: "Lies" about lie detection techniques with the participation of experts from USA, Romania and Italy.

4. Participation in six EU Erasmus + KA2 projects. The first one called "The Profile of Information", led by Zivac Group Central, aimed to produce intellectual results for information analysts, decision makers, human resources professionals and other employees who manage key information of government companies and entities. In this project, a competence model for information analysts and decision makers was defined. and the second "A Partnership for Change" aimed at identifying and reducing violent behavior. The target is very broad, involving border guards, correctional staff and psychologists.

IIAPHS includes experts in psychology and social sciences: social psychology, psychometrics, criminal psychology, marketing psychology, forensic psychology, cultural psychology. Our network includes professionals from several EU countries. The vast majority of the associates are students, we believe that these characteristics will facilitate the implementation of an adequate dissemination plan. Moreover, IIAPHS experts are fully available to share their network of online contacts through Internet dissemination strategies that involve a website with a total of 2,200,000 million views / year and 32,000 subscribers to the newsletter. .



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