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DIONE is an educational NGO located in the Nicosia Region and operates at national level. DIONE pays special attention to the issues of education, culture and youth. It helps local communities to overcome the social and economic disparities of disadvantaged social groups. Our professionals include psychologists, social workers, teachers and other associates who help us reach our main goals. They provide volunteer services and training in soft skills and support the welfare services of rural communities. Through our volunteer activities, we help people develop skills and abilities while developing a sense of belonging. DIONE encourages its members to participate in EU projects and to join the various mobility schemes.

The engagement of DIONE in all the above activities, through Psychologists and other associated specialists, in full cooperation with all the associations mentioned above, allowed DIONE as an organization, as well as its staff as individual professionals, to develop more skills, capabilities and competencies. :
i. Communication is considered the most important. In each action, the concept of communication has played an essential role in developing the appropriate actions and, therefore, in obtaining the expected results.
ii. Sensitivity was developed as an effective communication with all the actors involved, especially with children, creating the feeling that it is more sensitive to the problems and challenges that children face regarding bullying.
iii. Critical thinking was developed, as the whole procedure "forced" DIONE to critically evaluate each situation base on its own unique criteria, allowing them to adopt opinions and adapt to the given conditions.
iv. The possibility to receive feedback as an essential part of the whole procedure. DIONE has developed powerful communication channels to promote and enable feedback from all participants, as this can help develop more effective activities in the future for the mutual benefits of all parties.
v. Creativity was developed through the implementation and involvement in all the activities mentioned above. This is the result of both critical thinking and feedback, which allows evaluating given situations and establishing new ways of thinking about issues related to children, their well-being and their protection against any form of violence. This creativity has facilitated better communication and understanding of all related issues.
Through all of the above, it is estimated that DIONE and its staff have succeeded in improving and gaining the respect of all partners. This experience has been evaluated positively and there is a growing interest from many organizations and institutes to cooperate with Dioni in similar activities.

Facebook: Dione.i.n

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